Home sweet home


Finally I’ve got a home!!

Most of the nice dwellings outside old York look like this


but I chose this (I live at roof floor..)


It’s hard to describe how I felt when I finally finish setting up my bed, and I could sleep in my bed sheets, and cook using some of my tools which were idling in a box since 3 years..

and though the flat is empty, I found out that charity shops here sell everything at very good price!!


Suddenly everything seems easier and what I passed through to get here is forgotten.

And I can’t help thinking about those millions of people around the word who are homeless even with a roof on their head, displaced and obliged to live in camps apart from their homes. It’s not about material goods that we store in our houses, but more about the memories, the atmosphere, the sense of belonging to something, to somewhere.

As it’s true that I love freedom, at the same time I love to be attached to somewhere, and to someone. In my heart I have several homes, and maybe the most important one is in someone else heart…nonetheless I’m happy I settled down!!

Particularly, it make it much easier to start traveling again!!




2 responses to “Home sweet home

  • claudia

    …and the most important one IS in someone else heart!

    Happy to read you have a (cosy) new place…but the last sentence is the best part of this beautiful post!!! A prestooooo cla!

  • Flavio

    Life on a roof top is awesome and makes you feel like having a new beginning, this time with someone special beside

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