On-line again, after some months of silence.

Due to having been very busy with work and intercontinental skype calls, and due to …not having internet at home!!!

what a shame!? I thought I could be web -free at home, since I had it alredy for 8 hours at work. But apparently, even after work there’s no much you can do without internet..and without a radio or a tv….

On the web I could listen to any kind of music, watch news, tv series, stay connected to old and far friends, watching training classes and repeat on my carpet, look up words of this weird English, explore the worlds most wonderful landscapes, read whatever I like (or someone else like..), get to know what life is through WIKIPEDIA, read gossips through Fb and stay up to date with every shit is happening in Italy!

That’s great!! I do not need anything else. I could even find a perfect boyfriend on line (have you watched the movie SHE?)

How many GB of info could go into my brain every day??!!!!!!!!!!

This is the future!! let’s scan the whole world and upload it on-line and there live our lives!!


One response to “ON-LINE

  • eliotropica

    I am not sure if I need to write it in English so that everybody can understand or …in Tuscan dialect, or even better Napolitean one! Claudia OVVIA! MARO! as far as you are free to SWITCH ….then you can be ONLINE, when you need to do it for your job, your listening to music, etc, AND DEFINITELY OFFLINE, whenever you don’t want to be connected…
    and KEEP FOLLOW THE SIGNS……………………then you can just SHARE DROPS OF WORLD BEAUTY to those who can’t travel so much
    SHARE knowledge and experiences you make
    this is so important, and unique. It’s a chance, it’s not a commitment.
    good night sister! SCAN YOUR DREAMS AND MAKE THEM REAL!.

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