Little Britain

After living in England continuously for 3 months  I start understanding many things..

the British longing for exotic places, where the sun shines, food is colorful and tasty, life is alive, streets are crowded and people greet and smile..


the British commitment to conserve wildlife and nature all over the world..


the British passion for an alcoholic drink (beer) that was invented just because at Viking time people used to shit just next to their water sources (which pushed civilization backwards more than 1000 years compared to what achieved by Greek and Romans, who used to build aqueduct and sewers)

the British sense of decency that just disappears after 5pm….

try to buy a pair of shoes..and then you understand the meaning of “Italians being the best shoes designer in the world”..

try to buy some (local or not) fruit..and then you understand why brownie, scones and rice crisps biscuits are the favoured sweets..

try to buy bread..and then you wonder why they don’t share the common trait of wonderful bakeries across northern Europe ..

try to buy local and independent, and then you just realise what globalisation and corporations are..

try to rent a house, and then… you just can’t understand ..

On the other hand, I can try all this because this  country is giving me an opportunity, despite of my origin, sex, religions, background, recommendation, or however I go dressed to work..


Here you feel that certain constraints of religion, tradition, nepotism, don’t matter at all.

if my country did not know what to do with my skillls, those my government actually payed for, here it’s the opposite. and that’s why many Italians and other nationalities are here (14 nationalities in this gathering).IMG-20150510-WA0009

but Little Britain is changing also on this side, and last election results are scaring. It seems the “CCTV control, safety and security” wing is winning on the “intellectual freedom and transparency”.



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