my first 40s ..

Mamma mia!! here I am…

mid-way of my life, according to my country life length expectancy even less..

I achieved this target after 2 very intense and tiring months in Eastern Africa, and I wouldn’t be sure I really wanted to have more years like that!!


A dip into contrastingly wonderful Italy has cheered me up, specially for being with my family, old and new friends, and looking ahead into my future life where maybe the bundle of home, job, family and love in 3 different continents will be sorted out (..UK is a separate continent).

I’ve lived some different lifes in quite different places to date..but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for, probably because what was lost is forever and will never come back.

But I understood that what I have here and now is more important than whatever was in the past or could be elsewhere in the future…


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