The snow ball

DSC_1092 (1)

There is a very common trick on snowballs play fields, somebody told me a few days ago. Somebody launches a ball up in the air towards someone else. While the fellow is focusing on the ball coming slowly down from the ski, for few seconds totally forgets about the “enemy” and then receives another ball, faster, bigger and worse, right on his/her face.

This happened in Paris, and today again in Brussels. And actually it happened even in New York.

The circle is getting closer, many friends of mine were there today, and luckily I know everybody is fine. Not the same for some tens of people and families. Casualties are between 25-30 declared by European authorities and 230 claimed by the so-called IS.

The first ball was at the airport, so many people in line at the desks, any security at the entry doors. It’s weird that you can’t enter the airport in Nairobi, Tripoli, Addis Abeba, Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, as far as I know..before you passed the security check, but you can almost everywhere in Europe.

The second ball was after one hour, in a crowded and narrow metro station close to the EU buildings, right in the face, not at the heart, of Europe.

Ils parlent tous jour de securite’ mais je crois ils ne savent pas ce que’ils font..

But the point is that this game is not fair, there aren’t only two snowballs, but many, and many players against a team looking totally lost and naive, like the Brazil team at after 5 scores in 30 minutes from Germany.

Can we predict the next one? Can we stop it? can we fence everything out? Je ne crois pas.

Can we stop the causes? the weapons traffic? the neutral governments selling weapons? those making business with the worse criminal government? the greed for power and money? the abuse of religious and political pretext?

Can we make everybody feel so good that he/she would never support anything like this?

I’m tired of these discourses.


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