Once upon a time, there were farmers in Engaruka, Tanzania, who created a very efficient and articulated irrigation system from the river Engaruka, but at one point the society collapsed. WHAT happened? Archeologist and environmental scientists have been studied it for the last 30 years, but a conclusive explanation has not been found yet…climate change, environment degradation, population growth, conflicts..what happened??

"Engaruka map" di Ignoto - Con licenza CC BY-SA 3.0 tramite Wikimedia Commons -“Engaruka map” Unknownn author – licence CC BY-SA 3.0 at Wikimedia Commons –

we chose this story to show up the our research group activities at Yornight, the European night of researchers and engage kids in playing with water and an irrigation model, to simulate the effect of rainfall (climate) and forest on water flow..

can the study of the past teach us something about the future?

“forested” sponges worked perfectly as gates to divert the water, showing the importance of forests in draining water.

No surprise, lots of fun in playing with water!!

can young generation find solutions for the planet Earth?




my first 40s ..

Mamma mia!! here I am…

mid-way of my life, according to my country life length expectancy even less..

I achieved this target after 2 very intense and tiring months in Eastern Africa, and I wouldn’t be sure I really wanted to have more years like that!!


A dip into contrastingly wonderful Italy has cheered me up, specially for being with my family, old and new friends, and looking ahead into my future life where maybe the bundle of home, job, family and love in 3 different continents will be sorted out (..UK is a separate continent).

I’ve lived some different lifes in quite different places to date..but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for, probably because what was lost is forever and will never come back.

But I understood that what I have here and now is more important than whatever was in the past or could be elsewhere in the future…

Unusual Africa

This use to be the face of Africa in the 70s-80s: Zaire is there, Eritrea is not. africa

Landscape in the highlands  looks more similar to northern Europe than to Africa


German mission: the gas station


Italian mission: old machines park

trattore A tea plantation at sunset teaplantation

Little Britain

After living in England continuously for 3 months  I start understanding many things..

the British longing for exotic places, where the sun shines, food is colorful and tasty, life is alive, streets are crowded and people greet and smile..


the British commitment to conserve wildlife and nature all over the world..


the British passion for an alcoholic drink (beer) that was invented just because at Viking time people used to shit just next to their water sources (which pushed civilization backwards more than 1000 years compared to what achieved by Greek and Romans, who used to build aqueduct and sewers)

the British sense of decency that just disappears after 5pm….

try to buy a pair of shoes..and then you understand the meaning of “Italians being the best shoes designer in the world”..

try to buy some (local or not) fruit..and then you understand why brownie, scones and rice crisps biscuits are the favoured sweets..

try to buy bread..and then you wonder why they don’t share the common trait of wonderful bakeries across northern Europe ..

try to buy local and independent, and then you just realise what globalisation and corporations are..

try to rent a house, and then… you just can’t understand ..

On the other hand, I can try all this because this  country is giving me an opportunity, despite of my origin, sex, religions, background, recommendation, or however I go dressed to work..


Here you feel that certain constraints of religion, tradition, nepotism, don’t matter at all.

if my country did not know what to do with my skillls, those my government actually payed for, here it’s the opposite. and that’s why many Italians and other nationalities are here (14 nationalities in this gathering).IMG-20150510-WA0009

but Little Britain is changing also on this side, and last election results are scaring. It seems the “CCTV control, safety and security” wing is winning on the “intellectual freedom and transparency”.


10 things I’m grateful for -10 cose di cui sono grata

A week ago I was talking with a friend and I told her I am always complaining about my life.

she asked me: “Tell me 10 things you are grateful for..” ..she’s a life coach
I hardly made it to count 10 things…but then I thought about my last year, and here are my 10 things I’m grateful for…and because I think this is an important list to share, I’ll write it lso in Italian.

1) LIFE (this is always at first place, every day, every year)

– VITA (sempre al primo posto)

Very simpe: how lucky I am to be alive!!!IMG_2929

Molto semplice: quanto sono fortunata a essere viva.

2) Family – Famiglia

No matter how many times we discussed, and we’ll always do so.., my family is always there for (1024x683)

 Non importa quanto discutiamo, e sarà sempre così.., la mia famiglia c’è sempre per me.

3) Love – Amoreimgo

Yes, at the end of the day, Love is all we need.

Alla fine, tutto ciò di cui abbiamo bisogno è amore.


My friends are scattered all over the world, but our hearts are close. (so scattered I don’t even have a photo of them!)

Anche se i miei amici sono sparsi ovunque, siamo sempre vicini nel cuore. (così sparsi che non ho nemmeno una foto di tutti loro!)

5) NATURE – Natura

almost touching them.. (better not trying!)

IMG_2903pareva di toccarli.. (meglio non provare)


Last year I traveled across all Tanzania, with my job –IMG_0253

Il mio lavoro mi ha fatto viaggiare per tutta la Tanzania l’anno scorso.

7) HOME – Casa


Finally I have a den site! –  Alla fine ho una tana!

8) Brompton!

A foldable bike is no price..

DSC_0124 (1280x720) Una bici pieghevole non ha prezzo..

9) Mountains & Sea scapes ..  Mari e Monti

I live sourrunded by people who can only dream about this, while for me it’s just there at my place!


Molte delle persone accanto a me possono solo sognare di visitare questi posti, mentre per me sono casa mia!


All people I’ve met and gave me so much!

???????????????????????????????La gente che ho incontrato e mi ha dato tanto!




I was thinking of starting a new posting season with some resume of what I did in the last months, and particularly with a review of “little Britain” life, since now I’ve lived here for some months. BUT..something has happened in the world much bigger and important than my stories, which we can make up with later..

It happened that 3 people shocked Paris and western countries,killing about 17 people in the hearth of Paris.. mostly (12) for punishment of having published satirical cartoons including the prophet as a character. The others were “innocent” victims. So, the crazy killers were Muslims…

Now, the killers have becomes “The Muslims”.. As expected, certain politicians and common people tried to take advantage of the shocking fact to  KICK these Muslims, and as you are there even all migrants, OFF EUROPE….and elsewhere, solidarity towards the journal Charlie Hebdo has turned upide down into Christian churches set on fire and counter-protests …”Je suis Charlie” against “Je suis Muslim”.. What a coincidence that these counter-reactions happened in very poor countries..

Are we so stupid to fall in these traps??? come on…

I was born as Catholic, I’m not now, but I’m sure I still have part of this culture embedded in my soul..anyway, I like “Il Vernacoliere”, I may like “Charlie Hebdo”, but I don’t like Mr Calderoli who wore a t-shirt with a “Muslim” satyr printed on it (and I dislike him not for this reason..), definitely I would not like somebody would kill Mr. Calderoli because of that t-shirt

I don’t like murderers in general, particularly if they kill to make someone shut up.

Definitely, I really like some people I know who are Muslims. I’m sure Muslims are not all murderers, as Italians are not “all mafiosi”.

About French people and European in general..most of them are not Christian at all, and didn’t use to be Charlie up to some days ago. Now they want to show that they would not accept attacks to freedom. This includes religion as well. Sawa. Fair enough, let it be. Why should this become a religious conflict? why the press all over the world is so interested in making it so?

17 people died, but it’s not a religious war, it has never ever been!!!! 17 people died, as many others on the same day unfortunately.

don’t question too much about this, if you are not ready to go to the root of it, and ask why are there some people who don’t give a shit for human life, including their own, and don’t write handbooks about “How to be happy” but about “How to make a bomb”.


On-line again, after some months of silence.

Due to having been very busy with work and intercontinental skype calls, and due to …not having internet at home!!!

what a shame!? I thought I could be web -free at home, since I had it alredy for 8 hours at work. But apparently, even after work there’s no much you can do without internet..and without a radio or a tv….

On the web I could listen to any kind of music, watch news, tv series, stay connected to old and far friends, watching training classes and repeat on my carpet, look up words of this weird English, explore the worlds most wonderful landscapes, read whatever I like (or someone else like..), get to know what life is through WIKIPEDIA, read gossips through Fb and stay up to date with every shit is happening in Italy!

That’s great!! I do not need anything else. I could even find a perfect boyfriend on line (have you watched the movie SHE?)

How many GB of info could go into my brain every day??!!!!!!!!!!

This is the future!! let’s scan the whole world and upload it on-line and there live our lives!!