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Changes and challenges

Global warming and climate change doesn’t only mean “it’s gonna be hotter”. Increase of greenhouse gases emissions and global average temperature rise are producing and will produce several effects, including ice sheets loss, ocean and air circulation changes, extreme events such as floods, draught and snowfalls, which could be translated in less food security, less coffee in the morning, more people losing their houses and migrating, changes in diseases, changes in tourism attractivity, etc.. These may lead positive or negative consequences at local scale, but globally they are likely to create big troubles.

Mt Rosa and the near lakes are an example of big changes occurred on earth, the lakes basin being created by the glaciers hundreds thousands years ago. Changes have always happened on planet earth and always will. What put us at risk now is the rapidity of changes and our overall vulnerability, given we depend on very limited resources. Some people and some places are more vulnerable than others, but I think it’s clear to everybody that we don’t live in a vacuum and we’re all connected. We are at risk, not the planet. If hurricanes were god’s, then Trump wouldn’t dare saying “America first”. However, it can still be the second. As we have been using our capacity to modify the environment to the point of challenging our species survival, we can, and have to, use this capacity to reduce the risks and be prepared to them.
This is not just a matter of attending a march, but could involve a thorough mindset shift. Our society has mistaken wealth with possession and civilisation with productivity.
Economy is only the means of living, while ecology is the rationale of living. Someone could say that economy makes our life better. Yes and no. Is that true across the world population? Will it be across generations?
Climate change has become a big umbrella under which other challenges have gone in the background and are striving to get attention. But climate change is also under another big umbrella that many philosophers have addressed since long time. The rationale of life, the ethics of life. While this would take great effort and time to be tackled at planet level, yet we can’t miss this opportunity, and heal only the symptoms or proximate causes.  (inspired by MtRosa view from a plane, I swear I’ll stop flying!!)



On-line again, after some months of silence.

Due to having been very busy with work and intercontinental skype calls, and due to …not having internet at home!!!

what a shame!? I thought I could be web -free at home, since I had it alredy for 8 hours at work. But apparently, even after work there’s no much you can do without internet..and without a radio or a tv….

On the web I could listen to any kind of music, watch news, tv series, stay connected to old and far friends, watching training classes and repeat on my carpet, look up words of this weird English, explore the worlds most wonderful landscapes, read whatever I like (or someone else like..), get to know what life is through WIKIPEDIA, read gossips through Fb and stay up to date with every shit is happening in Italy!

That’s great!! I do not need anything else. I could even find a perfect boyfriend on line (have you watched the movie SHE?)

How many GB of info could go into my brain every day??!!!!!!!!!!

This is the future!! let’s scan the whole world and upload it on-line and there live our lives!!

An intense 2013

2013 is just ended, and maybe for the first time in my life New Year’s Eve was so full of memories of the past year and at the same time of expectations for the next future. I don’t wanna make it long, I want to post for each month of this year the most significant pictures and add few tag words.. January january130001

me_francesca (1280x853)

  Arizzano, Rifugio Crosta, varicella, Ugalla project,   EEA-Copenhagen, Arusha. February


DSC02263 Mkuru, Morogoro, Mama Pierina, Udzungwa mountains, Dar es Salam, Bondoyo, Mkuru.. March march


Mkuru, Dodoma, Swahili Mbeya, Elimisho, Lake Niassa, meteorite, Ruaha, wildlife, girlfriends, Dar, Arusha, Italy-end of the winter April stella_rossa (533x800)

IMG_0643 (1024x576)

Tuscany, restart, Monte Sole, Red Star, wolves, Ravenna, old friends, bird watching, theatre, movements May Sarikamis-4 (800x533)

2013-06-05 11-23-36 (1280x853)

New plans, Turkey, wolves, WOLVES, wolves, bears, linxs, wild life


DSCN6986 (1280x958)


…..wolves, Italy, wedding, troubles



IMG_0971 (1024x576)

Study, hiking, Antrona tour, planning in two, Los paquitos


planning, planning, planning



img-243 (854x1280)

Georgia, Caucasus, kachapuri, wildlife, kachapuri, peace, kachapuri , people, kachapuri, hospitality


DSCN7004 (1280x958)

Italy, Tuscany, first snow, Valgrande, resolutions



IMG_6030 (800x533)

Majella, wolves, Tuscany, family, chances





There’s something I don’t really understand. We see people in other countries going to the streets and the squares or doing other extreme acts to protest, and we find it good, we sympathize and support them. Here in Italy most of the people have complained since long time about our governments. At the past year parliament elections, almost one-third of people voted for a new party, M5S, representing the protest, the willingness of changing the country rules, without compromises. Since then all media, specially those from the left-wing which lost votes due to the new party, have always reported against the M5S, its members and its boss. Now a group of people organised  a colourless protest, only to say to our political class “go home”. The group is varied and gathers people from different classes, with different issues but the same feeling of being TIRED of what has been going on for the last 5 years, or 10 years, or actually 30 years!

And again, media and politicians are trying to make them look like either a group of right-wing extremists, or a group of naive people without clear ideas, or just a small group of people not deserving attention… the prime minister reply with sentences like”the GDP will grow and everything is gonna be alright!!! ” Let’s think about  Xmas lunch rather than revolution!

The problem is maybe that we are ignorant, we like short judgement, we are inert and in the end we like complaining.

Every time there’s a protest in Italy, it is strumentalised by either the left or the right, it is undersized and mocked by media, it is drowned in misunderstanding, or, in the worst cases, in BLOOD. And the good people who feel they would have the right for complaining that our votes where not respected, that our lives are not respected, they end up thinking that protest is not theirs, it’s just about some extremists, it’s just about few farmers and truck drivers… Well, it will never be our protest if we don’t make it.

better stay home and prepare for New Year’s Eve.

uh, fuck, if these idiot protesters continue we risk we can’t eat panettone!!!!