with or without

The main reason why I don’t agree with Brexit or whateverecountryexit, neither with the way the EU is reacting, is that it’s a destructive aut-aut. either you take it all or you reject it all…
(well, all but the tariff-free deal that Farage is looking for..he’s trying to get to both reject and take)..
the leave is the result of lies and miscalculations, a game that went too well for a few players, while the others may end up regretting it, or just don’t share any good… on the other side EU is closing up in a defense of the whole system that obviously had failures.. no room for changes.. no room for friendship…no room for new rules???
Indeed the myth has faded down of the monetary union, the market union, a protection from globalisation and from internal competition that has always led to wars within EU….the EU well-advanced regulation on environment, climate change, citizens protection, customer security, minority protection, quality, culture, diversity ad richness,..and much more., is not enough .. the Great EU has forgotten the small one..
I’m just back form a trip to France and Tuscany, where I met with international project partners from Finland, UK, France, Kenya, me the only woman in a group of men backed up by strong Institution..a meeting in a wonderful, vibrant, multicultural city become the major hub for agriculture science in EU thanks to a visionary and open-minded major..well, EU (not only the Institution but also the “soul” of it) has supported and allowed all this, including me being present .. on the day I was back the referendum stated the first big break in this huge mechanism..On my way back I thought about it with my mind of “international worker” , but then I recalled the lady living in the shopping mall in Montpellier, helped by some assistance personnel during a crisis..the “international workers” (migrated or escaped from wars) traveling between Spain, France, Italy by bus at night (I was with them),.. the many people living on the streets I met in France and then in Genova,  Firenze and Milano  on the return trip…homeless people publishing  a journal in Florence, calling for attention and houses.. The same people I met in the Uk while I was living there.
the great EU has forgotten the small one.. global markets, free circulation and trade,  university exchange, shops, wealth, this is not for everybody, people are struggling for the basic and cannot stand the plutocracy of Brussels, or at least what they all know about it..what politician like Farage are using to undermine an idea that could be much more than a market. I still believe in that as a mean to reach a better world.
But we should not follow those who have always stood apart…we’re in, in a different way, and we should take it all, and enjoy it and make it work for us…

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